Adopt A Shelter Pet Day

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Adopt A Shelter Pet Day

Today is Adopt a Shelter Pet Day and there are a hundred reasons why this day should be celebrated. There is often a stigma that shelter animals are of less quality than animals with “papers” and documentation on their parents. But there are numerous accounts of families who have taken in a shelter pet who have had their lives changed for the better.

Not only are these pets in need of help and a home, but there are some incredible benefits to owning a pet that reward the human as well. And if you are literally rescuing a pet and giving it the loving home that it deserves then that just adds on to the reward.

Pets and dogs especially are linked to increasing longevity as well as reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. One of the biggest things that we as people receive from a pet is unconditional love. There is no one in the world who will love you the way that a pet can and this is exceptionally true for children. Growing up you are criticized and critiqued constantly by both parents and teachers, so one of the best things for a child’s self-esteem and mental health is the companionship that they receive from a pet.

On top of this, with the protection and security that a pet provides, they are credited with reducing levels of anxiety in adults as well as reducing blood pressure. Ever lay with a cat purring against your chest? It is nearly impossible to feel worry when you have that sort of comfort.

But pets benefit your physical health as well since they are linked with increasing exercise. When you have to take them out for walks or toss around a toy for them then you are doing physical activities that you might not have been doing without a pet in the house.

One of the biggest benefits to owning a pet though is the lessons that they teach you. Not just how to love without judgment but also how to care for others. Maybe you have never had to think about anyone else but now suddenly you have another life in front of you who needs you to keep them alive.

And to conclude on this, keep in mind that the majority of animal shelters are in fact non-profit meaning they do not receive government or tax funding. So if you do not have the means to adopt a shelter pet today, consider making a donation to one of your local shelters to help give the care and comfort that these animals need.

Happy Adopt A Shelter Pet Day! Here are two of the greatest blessings that my family rescued from a shelter!

Devon Bradley, M.S. Communication & Leadership ’19

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