Senior Capstone 2018

Congratulations to the ComLead Class of 2018 on their completion of their Capstone Projects this past Saturday, May 5!

The hard work of the graduates this year did not go unnoticed as all seven stood beside their poster displays on Saturday afternoon. Presentations went from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm and there was a great turnout out people there interested and willing to ask for more information.

As each of these students prepare for their graduation ceremony in the coming weeks, the department would like to remind everyone of how impressive their accomplishments are. Completing your Master’s program is an honor and a privilege that many people are unable to meet. As you begin your college career there is no telling how far you will go with it and how far it will take you. But the decision to pursue a Master’s is a huge step and each of these students as well as our current students and alumni, should feel immensely proud for risking it.

What we can take away this year especially is that although the ComLead program will no longer be accepting applications that does not mean that the values and general esteem that our degree will hold will be depleted.

Congrats on an incredible run Class of 2018, we cannot wait to see where life takes you!

Below are some pictures of the Capstone presentations on Saturday, be sure to check out for more!

Devon Bradley, M.S. Communication & Leadership ’19

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