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Posted by on Aug 27, 2018 in ComLead

Time sure does fly by during the summer, huh? We hope that every one of our students, alumni and beyond enjoyed their summer and is ready for the upcoming Fall Semester.

Whether your summer was spent traveling, relaxing, or just working, let us remember that our time here is too short to dwell on little things like whether or not we were able to finish our summer bucket lists.

Have you ever considered how we humans (mostly due to our academic schedules growing up) hold the timeline of our summer on such a high standard compared to our other seasons? Sure we all say that winter lasts too long if we are living in Buffalo, but we do not seem to beat ourselves up for letting time fly too fast at the end of it like we do with the summer. We spend so much of our year idealizing the summer months as being the only time that we can do all of these incredible activities that we sell out the other seasons for nothing.

Who knows where exactly this pressure actually stems from but it is worth considering a change in outlook. Maybe place less stress on getting everything done in the summer and give yourself the entire year to accomplish different tasks. It may not seem as fun but you can make just as wonderful of memories when there is snow on the ground as you can when the sun is at its hottest.

So try to consider this as you reflect on your summer. Spend less time analyzing whether you did enough in those few months and more time planning for the ones ahead.

Devon Bradley, M. S. Communication & Leadership ’19

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