Everything Solution: Learning to be Comfortable

Posted by on Sep 24, 2018 in ComLead

Do you ever think about how much easier it is to do just about anything when you are comfortable with it? Sure it is daring to take risks and break comfort zones, but it is also overwhelmingly reassuring and satisfying to do something that you are comfortable with.

When reading about ways to stop using phrases such as “uhm” as filler words, the overall solution was to learn to feel comfortable with silence. If you are speaking in public, or responding to an interview question, then it actually looks better if you take that little moment to think or reflect as opposed to releasing an “uhhhhhhm” just to break the silence. So be comfortable with that silence and take ownership of it.

Comfort also draws us to the fascinating human tendency to find routines. Athletes practice specific rituals before big events, musicians sing the same bars and vocal warm-ups before performances, and students execute habitual study methods before major tests. Humans love routines because they give us comfort and reassurance, especially before a stressful event. So the comfort that we strive for in these instances is not a bad thing at all.

But there is even more to the importance of comfort in our lives: self-love. If things in your life bring you negativity then replace them with things that make you feel good and comfortable. As an example, have you ever heard someone preach: “If you no longer fit into your jeans, buy a new pair of jeans”? Of course being healthy or fit is the goal for most people, but you have to support yourself on your way to that goal too and part of that does involve loving yourself. And it is much easier to feel a sense of self-love when you can button up your jeans without having to suck everything into the pair that no longer fits.

So before you give in to the common notion that all comfort zones need to be eliminated, consider how much better your day-to-day tasks become when you are at comfort with them. This doesn’t mean you should stop taking risks, just make sure you let yourself relish in your comfort as well.

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