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While Fall is a wonderful time of year for many reasons such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, pretty leaves, and pumpkin spice, Fall is also a prime time for politics. And while this can put a damper on seasonal fun, this is also one of the most important times of the year for one reason: voting means that you are using your voice.

And the best part about living in a democracy is having the freedom to influence the decisions made by your country by electing who gets to make them.

So no matter what stance you have, take control over the fact that on a Tuesday in November you get to make a choice that could impact the next couple of years of politics and your future as well as others. Consider what you want your country to stand for and how you think your country can get to that point. Elections do not always work for your favor, but they will not work for you at all if you do not participate.

Who you vote for impacts more than one might realize such as: your taxes, your healthcare, your working wages, your city’s welfare programs, and your right to things like marriage equality, an abortion, or firearms.

While complaining about politics on social media is fun and all, it does nothing if you do not go out and vote. And voter turnout for midterm elections have been historically low, so 2018 is more important than ever.

And if getting to your polling location is a setback, transportation apps such as Uber and Lyft are offering deals tomorrow to assist with this. Uber will offer $10 off a ride to the polls using VOTE2018 and Lyft will have 50% off rides to voter polls so take advantage of these things.

But more importantly, take advantage of the fact that you have a voice and a say in what happens next.


Resources: Why Vote? – theSkimm

Devon Bradley, M.S. Communication & Leadership ’19

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